To Bath or Not to Bath?

Bathtubs have been a central part of a bathroom for hundreds of years. In fact, the room was even named after this one specific item! But these days, there is plenty of debate as to whether baths are still relevant. When you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, deciding whether to keep your bath is possibly the most important question of them all. There are numerous reasons both for and against, which we document in this article. We hope these points assist with your decision.


One of the most compelling arguments to have a bath in your home is to be able to relax. With our hectic day to day lives, having a bath at the end of the day allows us to escape for a brief period, and let our stresses literally wash away. Throw in some Epsom salts, light a candle, and you can create a peaceful sanctuary that’s hard to beat!

Water usage

Older bathtubs usually hold up to around 300L of water. Modern baths range between 180 and 280L. So regardless of the bath age and style, they still require a lot of water. Compare this to a shower, which uses 10-12L of water per minute. So, unless you’re having 15-20 minute showers, a bath is definitely less efficient in terms of water usage. Many people take daily showers and use the bath occasionally to relax (see benefits above), so having both options (if space allows) can be a good way to go.


Speaking of space, this may be the biggest factor in terms of whether you include a bath or not in your bathroom renovation. If you have plenty of space, and enjoy taking a bath, it should be a no brainer – especially since they usually cost under $1000. But if you’re limited on space, and really want that double vanity or walk-in shower, then forgoing the bath may be something you have to consider.

Young kids

Cleaning young kids can be a chore at the best of times. Putting them in a bath is a lot easier than bending over with them in the shower to try and wash them. This is even more true if you have a new-born – and putting a baby bath within the larger tub makes things very convenient. Kids of all ages prefer baths, and it gives them a chance to sit and play with toys, while unsuspectingly getting washed! It also gives you as a parent a bit of a break!


Renovating a home is partly about primarily about making the space modernised and more functional. But a lot of people also renovate to add more style. Hence, some people only want a bath as a feature in the room. A stylish bath can improve the aesthetics and help fill a large space – even if you never intend on bathing in it! The above points are some of the most important things to factor in when looking at bathroom designs and deciding whether or not you should include a bath in your renovation. It all comes down to your personal preferences and needs, but if you need some independent advice, give My Bathroom a call on 1300 842 736 and we’d be happy to chat about your options. We’ve helped hundreds of Melbourne clients achieve their dream bathroom.