Home Extensions

Increase your living space with a ground-floor or second-floor addition. We are top extension builders like no other! Instead of just tearing down a wall, building a deck, or adding a few rooms, we’ll expand and renovate your entire home inside and out to create your dream home.

If you love your home but have been growing for too long, a home extension is a great alternative to moving. Save time and money searching for a new home and relocating, plus save on moving costs and stamp duty.

Are you considering a ground-floor extension? Is there enough vacant land? Does the layout of your house need to be reconfigured? And what looks, styles, and vibes do you want to achieve? Make sure you choose the right extension company, like us, who listens to your ideas and will deliver what you want.

Home extensions don’t just increase the floor space and the way you live in your home, it can also improve the long term capital value of your property. Considering your goals, both short and long term, will ensure you get the best value for your money. How many times have you driven down the road to see an extension that juts out from the side of a house, or walked through a new looking home with absolutely no flow or functionality? 

Value managing a project is essential to ensure that the end result is delivered inside your budget, however, be mindful of your goals at all time. Don’t allow your builder to cut a corner to save you a few thousand dollars, if the result leaves you with a finish that doesn’t suit the look of your home or what you want to achieve.

Our team has 10 years of experience in home extension service. Call us at 0493 546 499 to learn more about our home extension service.

Alternatively, demolishing and rebuilding may be the best way to create a beautiful home that you will love! Have a chat with us about the options your land orientation has for an efficient new custom build.