Structural Investigations

For professional structural investigation services in Australia, you can rely upon In-Form Building & Consulting Pty Ltd. We have the capacity to provide a pre-Engineering service to homeowners to give non-biased advice on any damage that may be present in your home.

Building movement in Melbourne is an increasingly common concern for building owners. Understanding the underlying reactivity of the clay foundations across most of Melbourne, we have undertaken over 100 investigations into the cause of building movement.

More often than you think, structural work isn’t required to the dwelling itself. Instead, remedial measures around the home can allow the instability to become stable, and then perform repair works.

Many Builders and Engineers in this space will tell you underpinning is the answer, and it may be the case in many scenarios. However, we have inspected dozens of homes where underpinning was recommended by an underpinning-specialist Builder (and their friendly Engineer), to find that the movement is within design allowances and there were minor things externally that needed to be improved. This saved those owners 10s to 100s of thousands of dollars in unnecessary structural work and repairs; and the anxiety that comes with it.

We can undertake an initial assessment of your home at a fraction of the cost of engaging an Engineer directly and provide you with the education on what the results tell us. Should we believe structural works may be necessary, we have Melbourne’s most experienced Engineering firm on call to then undertake a more comprehensive investigation to confirm our initial findings. They use the data we obtain at the initial inspection to then provide a Forensic Investigation report that will detail causation and recommendations. This has the effect of reducing the Engineering cost for you in some cases, and also ensure that we can remain engaged on your behalf to make sure that the solution is reasonable and the most cost effective solution available to you.

There are a number of reasons for choosing us for structural investigations in Australia. Our services include:

  1. On-time and cost-effective investigations: Our team of experienced Builders can arrange an on-site structural survey much cheaper than an Engineering firm. Our initial advice will often be that major works aren’t required and we can show you what remediation options are available to avoid structural works. 


  1. Expert structural investigation report: We provide an inspection report on our survey results which will explain to you, in plain terms, what is happening and what our recommendations are. Should the results show that work is required, we can then work with Melbourne’s most experience Engineering firm to develop a structural solution that will provide you with enduring protection against further damage.


  1. Expert Builders: Our structural investigations are carried out by our Director who has completed over 100 investigations into building movement around Melbourne. His breadth of knowledge in how different footing systems react to foundation movement will ensure that you understand the issues at play and what options are available to you, and not just a push to install underpins or liquid injection at great expense.


In-Form Building & Consulting Pty Ltd.’s primary goal is to provide solutions rather than problems. We use the latest, most advanced technologies available and keep them constantly updated to meet market needs. 


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