Solcraft Sip System

Solcraft is currently manufactured in Poland and can be custom designed to suit climatic conditions in Australia; we have future plans to develop local manufacturing as we grow market share. There is no limit to the design conditions of this system, and In-Form Building is the dedicated partner for Solcraft across Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania.

We have confidence that this is the BEST structurally insulated panel system on the market and have plans to utilise this system on all personal projects due to it’s cost benefits in performance and speed of construction. While there are other SIP systems available, this is easily the strongest with the highest thermal performance for it’s size. We are not locked to specific panel thicknesses with this system, it can be designed to suit your exact thermal requirements and easily achieves Passivehaus compliance for thermal performance.

We can provide the engineering support for this product to be utilised in Victoria and are working with Engineers for similar support in Tasmania and South Australia.